What Does It Mean By The Statement That “GOD (Allah) is The Most Just”? (2)

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In my journeys to places in abroad or in my own country, I have noticed that nothing is immobile without doing some development on itself. These activities are with the intention to make the civilization of mankind advances from time to time. Yet, at the same time, none is eternal.

Every work of men, once it gets done, it is then nurtured until it is time to be destructed. It is deconstructed and rebuilt according to the needed development that is required for the era. I am lucky that I have been witnessing the vast development is happening in every sector during my era. Allah has clearly demonstrated His Unlimited Intelligence of Universe, especially in the field of technology.

The advancement in the technology sector has been so fast and even phenomenal. Hence, I had a question in my mind concerning the “Amal Jaariah” terminology. My understanding of it had been limited by an exclusive thought. “Amal Jaariah” seemed to me like being available to only the Muslims. It is connected to them through practicing their worship in order for them to enjoy a reward in an eternal life later on.

For instance, in order to obtain an overflowing reward when we have left this Universe, we are encouraged to build as many houses of worship as we can in the hope that we would be able to use the buildings to worship until the end of the world. While this requirement is continuously adhered, the rewards will always be overflowing for our sake when we are already in hereafter. However, the reward will only be obtained abundantly when the buildings have been erected physically with the helps of our Sadaqa or financial contributions that is used for people worshiping. The process is that simple.

However, the process to realize this act has already involved thousands of people, and probably more. To build a building, we need material, don’t we? We have to involve people to make the material ready for the building as well as to provide the supporting equipments that again need the helps of more people. In short, we need inventors, creators, makers, distributor and so on.  There will be a very long chain needed, of which I am not able to parse one by one.

With this come my question, won’t those who are involved in constructing a worship building be able to obtain a merit just because they have different beliefs? Not only they will not obtain the merit, they will even face a risk to be thrown to hell. If we are honest, all those scientists who invented electricity, light bulbs, Airconditioner, carpets, glasses, cements, bricks, hinges, keys and so forth have given beneficial products for millions, even billions to human beings. They have contributed greatly to the benefits of this Universe. Didn’t The Great Prophet said in a Hadith that “The most beloved to Allah are the most beneficial to the people” I personally think that a scientist who has been able to create a product that is useful to billions of people continuously is not less honorable compared to a Prophet or Rusul.

Up until now, we have just discussed about a single building which erection already involves thousands of people, or even more. How is it if we discuss about building this Universe? We can imagine that surely the whole of the inhabitants of this Universe would be involved altogether.

History has it proved that the advancement of mankind’s civilization from era to era¾even now when I am almost 70 years old¾has been so tremendous. I still remember when I was in the elementary school, my uncle and my aunty went for Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca by ship. It would take them almost one month to arrive in Mecca. The journey indeed was so long that on the way home after finishing the Hajj, my uncle passed away. As they were still on the ship, my uncle’s corpse was thrown to the ocean.

The situation is much different from the situation in my era. I already took a plane when I did my first Hajj Pilgrimage in 1982. The facilities in the pilgrimage areas were also convenient enough. Surely now everything has changed a lot. Going to a Hajj Pilgrimage nowadays is really enjoyable. This is just one example for us to ponder on ourselves that we or I am not here in this Universe all alone but with all billion other inhabitants of the world.

Allah made human beings be here in the world so that they would know each other, spread compassion, weaving brotherhood and building synergy in the name of one common intention, that is to devote themselves to Allah The Most Supreme One in order that His Existence be recognized. All the creatures of this Universe and I have been used as the extension of His Hands and solely for the purpose of devoting to Him.

If only all the human beings who are here on this earth are aware that we are all equal, then peace will exist. If we are aware that all are the creatures of Allah with the same destination, that is to worship Him and to be the extension of His Hands in doing His works to realize His Existence, then there will not be any difference in matters of ethnicities, races, beliefs, and nations. Then and only then the wellness and blessing are made real.

At the end of this writing, I may conclude that, with referring to the Al-Qur’an verses and Hadith as well as the existed facts, it is impossible that Allah who owns the Supreme of the Supreme nature, including the Most Just Nature, would perform an unjust act. He states in one of His Words in QS. Al Baqarah, verse 62 as below translated:

“Lo! Those who believe (in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabaeans – whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doeth right – surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.”

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