The Power Of Prayer VS The Power Of Mind (2): The Integrated Synergy To Break The Word “Impossible”

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In my writing “The Power of Prayer VS The Power Of Mind (1), I have told my experience about retrieving my lost motorbike with the help of the supernatural power. It turned out that the attempt was successful. My motorbike was returned just like what Mr. Sanen had promised.

I am going to tell another story about my other experience as I was working at Logo Collection. I was once a sales representative whose jobs were delivering goods from the city of Cilegon to the city of Banyuwangi. It would take me about 3 days to arrive in Banyuwangi as I had to deliver goods too to many cities that I passed along my journey. Each night I had to stay at small hotels in those cities. So often I stayed at the hotels that my mind wishfully thought of how nice it was if I could be the hotels’ owner.

Years after, I had the opportunity to visit Beijing, the capital of People’s Republic of China, to accompany my late parents. It had been 25 years since my parents last saw my elder brother. My brother went to Beijing in 1960. Before 1979, the People’s Republic of China was a very closed country. It was very difficult for the foreigners to enter into the country. It was only after the changing of leadership and policies that its government started to reopening itself. Many foreign people then visited China. So, as I said, my late father and mother asked me a favor to accompany them.

To be honest, at that time, my financial condition was in chaos as many withheld their obligations in paying me. I could even say that my financial position was in a minus condition. However, I determined that both of my late parents be able to meet my elder brother in Beijing.

To make the story short, finally both of my late parents and I met my elder brother in Beijing. My best friend who had helped me a lot financially for the accommodation in Beijing accompanied me.

My brorhbrotherI were separated for about 25 years. My meeting with him disclosed so many stories we shared together. It was no wonder as I was still 10 years old when my elder brother left Bandung. Sharing the stories with my elder brother, we finally reached a point where my brother offered me to invest in the hotel business. It was a good time to make the most of the opportunity in the hotel business.

The People’s Republic of China had just opened itself to outside world. It was like an invitation to many foreign investors to enter and to start doing businesses with China. In the mean time, the hotel facilities in the city of Beijing were so lacked. There was over-demand for the hotel facilities. The hotel occupancy rates were averagely above 95 %. The occupancy rate of Beijing Hotel even reached to 120 % as all the function rooms were adjusted to guest rooms.

It happened that in the district where my elder brother worked there was a local hotel of which its development did not run smoothly. My elder brother was given an opportunity to look for the investors who was ready to develop that hotel. I did not know why, at that time I immediately had a courage to take over the hotel as one of the investors.

I actually did not have the experience in the field of hotel business, and I also was never being an investor, especially in the foreign countries. Incidentally, the country where I put my investment did not have any experience either in handling foreign investors. I did really count on the power of mind only, and I always believed that it was a great opportunity of that time.

If I look back, I consider it a miracle since at that time my financial condition was in a minus situation. I even had to ask a favor from a friend as I need to borrow some money to purchase air tickets to Beijing. Until up to one point, my best friend was so surprised to hear that I was going to build a hotel in Beijing, China. He asked me, “Was it even true that you want to build a hotel as you had to borrow some money in order to purchase air tickets?”  It turned out that the hotel was ready in the appointed time. A three-star hotel that had 188 guest rooms, and I was one of the owners with a 25% of the investments.

Now I have to stop telling about the hotel since what I want to say is not about the hotel business, but about a plan that we previously thought as impossible but then with the power of mind and, of course, with the prayer added, what we have planned then actualized.

There was another occurrence that to my opinion was the result of the mind power. In the year of 2005, I fell in love with a certain two-door car. I said in my heart, “If I am granted with a financial blessing, I would like to have that car.” Before falling asleep, I used to imagine that car.

To make the story short, one day I saw my boss driving the car that I wished to own. So, I approached that car. It was about to start moving with my boss driving it. I touched the car, and I said to my boss, “This car is what I truly wish to own. I do not know when I will have the opportunity to own it.”

About three months later, my boss invited me to have a lunch at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. He asked me to drive the car that I wished to own. My boss sat at the passenger seat. As we arrived at the entrance of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, he stepped down from the car. He then said to me, “Just go. Take the car. We cancel our lunch.”

I asked him, “At what time do you want me to pick you up?” He said that I did not need to pick him up. He could go home by himself as he pointed to a new car parked at the parking lot of that Grand Hyatt Hotel. Further on, he said that he would go home with that new car. Again, my boss said that he wanted me to take home the car I was driving.  I responded that there was not enough space in my garage to keep the car. Hearing this, he said, “It is your business as in fact, the car is yours now.”

I got startled when hearing what he said. I could not easily believe it, so I tried to make it sure by once more asking him if he was serious or he was just joking. Yet, before I was able to utter my words, he continued his conversation. My boss said that Zul would give all the documents concerning the car to me. Zul was my colleague at the office. Then my boss quickly entered the hotel. I went back to the office with a mixed feeling. I was surprised and was happy at the same time that without realizing it, I shed tears.

My stories above showed that the positive mind power was so strong that it was able to influence this Universe in order to help actualizing what I had been thinking of. Therefore, I am so convinced that Allah as the Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe does not know the word “Impossible”.

As I am walking my life journey, I have some more of those similar stories that made me think my life has been blessed with so many “Blessings in Disguises”.

Rhonda Byrne, the author of the phenomenally famous “The Secret”, says the similar things. The essence of the book says that the positive thought is the power of the mind itself so that the Universe would be able to guide the way for the thinker to achieve his goal.

After learning the ways to achieve the goals as we wish above, my conclusion is: It would be great if the power of prayer and the power of mind be integrated into one unity. I am very much convinced that the result will be more powerful.

With that integrated synergy, God (Allah) as the Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe would not know the word “Impossible”.

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