The Power of Prayer VS The Power Of Mind (1): Does God Reject Almost Every Prayer Of Human Beings?

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The majority of mankind as the inhabitants of this Universe prioritizes the power of their prayers to beseech God The Almighty to grant them what they wish. They do say their prayers according to their beliefs as they start their daily activities whatever those activities are. The most common prayers are the prayers that ask God for health, longevity, safety, faith, financial blessing, and many others.

The above phenomenon intrigues me to ponder a bit. How many human beings plead to God (Allah) every second with various kinds of requests? Since there are so many prayers said to God, it is only God and those praying people that understand what prayers have been said to God. So I started to ask myself, “How does God (Allah) choose those prayers and grant them?”

Then one of my best friends advised me not to think about it. Isn’t it God (Allah) The Most Almighty and He Himself promised in the verse of Al-Quran: “Ask Me, and I will surely grant it.”  This is, of course, a piece of cake for Allah. KUN FAYAKUN, then it happens.

My best friend was right. Why did I think about that matter? I agreed with him. I wished I did not think about it. However, I am a person who is typically curious, so I like it or not, I kept thinking about it. My best friend said that it is “KUN FAYAKUN”, meaning “Be, and it is”. This sentence in its understanding implies something that is really very instant.

In taking my journey of life up to the present, I have never once experienced that kind of occurrence. If things can take an instant happening, why does the process of my aging, as a human being has to take 69 years to happen? Why do all the human beings in this Universe have to take a life journey of decades to become adults? Nothing happens in an instant. So, I finally take that statement as an idiom or symbolical words.

There is a story that at the end of the world, all human beings would be resurrected from the graves. To my opinion, such occasion would surely never happen. Isn’t it to create just one human being, Allah needs the helps from several entities of this Universe? As the old physical bodies dissolve, each element would reunite in the soil of the graves. It takes four months to form a physical body of a baby human being before Allah breathes His “Ruh” into that physical body.  So, the question is: How old are those human beings that are going to be resurrected? I have difficulties answering this.

After years and decades of pondering the matter, I notice that it turns out that from all prayers that have been said by the whole inhabitants of this Universe, almost  all of them are not answered or rejected, except the prayers of those that are prayed with an intensed focus and with a full trust that they would be granted or fulfilled.

I once got an understanding from my recitation community that Allah would surely grant our prayers but He would give us three alternatives:

  1. First alternative: our prayers will be granted at once.
  2. Second alternative: God allows our prayers to be postponed, as the time is still not yet right.
  3. Third alternative, Allah would exchange what we requests with better things than we have pleaded according to His understanding.


To my opinion, the above explanations are legitimate because both the answered prayer or the unanswered prayer remain a mystery since it is only Allah Himself who knows why He would answer or not.

However, to my understanding as I have written in one of my writings, the commonest prayer that is prayed by the majority of the inhabitants of this Universe is for the mankind to live peacefully and in a serene atmosphere. I do not know how long this kind of prayer has been requested, but the fact is that Allah never granted it or He rejects it. Up until now people in some parts of this world are still in wars, while chaos and riots happen here and there. This is evidence that Allah does not care to answer the prayers of the majority of people on this earth.

There is another evidence of unanswered prayers about mountain eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. Human beings always pray to obtain safety, but the natural disasters are some occurrences that Allah has determined to happen. So, the prayers about those occurrences will remain unanswered. Therefore, this is about the phrase “Be, and it is”, which is the essence of KUN FAYAKUN.

So, the question is:  Why? The answer is because Allah has made the law in this Universe as the law of cause and effect, pull and being pulled, or sowing and reaping. So “says Allah”: You, the human beings, have made the chaos and wars in this world, it is just right that you should settle them by yourselves.”

So, if there is any prayer that seems granted, it is because the mind of the prayer truly sows his trust that his prayer will be granted. Because of the positive energy that he sows in this Universe, the person receives that energy positive back again. It is one that we call the Mind Power. As I have penned in my writings, the human beings as the inhabitants of this Universe have built all works that are in this Universe by their Mind Power. These human beings have been given a spark of Allah’s intelligence within each of himself and Allah is just the mere facilitator.

Anthony Robbins is the most world famous motivator. He has example concerning the Mind Power that has been able to change many situations. He is able to motivate thousands of people at once and make them dare to walk on a stretch of burning coals that is as long as a few meters (and sometimes the coals are spread as long as 10 meters) and no one gets hurt while stepping on the burning coals.

There is another example. A light bulb is dropped from a height of 3 meters. Before hand, the audience has to focus and concentrate their mind so that they will imagine as if the light bulb is a tennis ball or an iron ball. When it is imagined as a tennis ball, the light bulb will bounce back like a tennis ball. When the audience concentrates their mind to see the light bulb as an iron ball, the light bulb acts as an iron ball. It breaks the ceramic floor as if it is hit by an iron ball, but the light bulb itself does not break.

Around the year of 1970, I had an experience that had become an anchor in my mind. I visited a friend in the vicinity of Jalan Sultan Agung, Bandung city. At the time I wanted to go home, I found out that my motorbike was stolen. To retrieve it, I had sought helps from the legal channels as well as the supernatural pathways since then.

Finally, I met a gifted person in the vicinity of Jatiwangi. His name is Mr. Sanen, and he resided at near a wet market there. His hair was long and tied. Upon hearing my story, he then looked at the sun for about 10 minutes although at that time it was in the middle of the day and the sun was shining so fiercely hot. Then, he looked at me and said to me, “You don’t need to search for your motorbike wherever it is. At the end of this month, you will see somebody bringing your motorbike to where you reside. Please just wait for the news.” It was March. After delivering me that message, Mr. Sanen handed me several mysterious packets. He asked me to burn each of the packets at the spot where the motorbike lost. I had to do it every Friday eve. I faithfully did as I told.

To make the story short, at the end of the month, which was March 31st, I had been waiting for the event since morning. It was the last day of March and Mr. Sanen had promised me that event. My heart beat fast. At 2 PM, I fell asleep. More or less 30 minutes had passed; my late father woke me up. He said that there was a Mr. Rahmat bringing my lost motorbike home. Mr. Rahmat is my friend. He was an officer of KOSPAGAT Unit (Komando Pasukan Gerak Cepat/Rapid Response Troop Commandos). He told me that he found the motorbike in the area of Kosambi, Bandung. I was very happy that I was able to get my motorbike back again and the time was just exactly right, as Mr. Sanen had promised me it. (To Be Continued).

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