The Irony of the Islamic State With Its Un-Islamic Society And The Contrary Facts (1)

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What does make the practice of life in the majority of people of  many Islamic States are not Islamic? On the contrary, the phenomenon is inversely proportional to non-Islamic countries (Kafir) whose majority of their people is very Islamic.

One time, I visited The Land of The of The Rising Sun  (Japan). My deep impression was that I wondered how the Japanese had a culture that respect each other with no thought of one’s social class.

There were times I saw a highly ranking government met a janitor, and they both bowed each other in respect. I was truly impressed with their culture.

A Japanese directly explained the case to me. He said that their culture teaches them to respect each other regardless of his profession. No one feels better than the others as basically people need each other.

Allah created mankind to exist here in the Universe and none is in vain. My Guru even said that Japan is a ‘Ruku Champion” country. How could not it be? We will see the Ruku phenomenon everywhere. Japanese people practice Ruku regardless of their social strata because it has become their culture.

To my opinion, Japanese people’s level of awareness is generally already high. The high level of awareness arises their sincerity to act respectfully toward each other with the deepest intention.

I have an interesting story told by my best friend from my recitation community. He was once living in Japan and he shared with me his experience. One time, he lost his wallet. Time flew, and one day someone came to his residence and brought back his lost wallet. My friend wanted to reward the person as he had given back his wallet.

Politely that Japanese person refused receiving the reward from my best friend. The person said that he found the wallet and he did not know who owned it. So, he forwarded the wallet to the police station, hoping that one day the owner would report and retrieve it.

However, it had been long time, and there was not anyone coming to report about the lost wallet. The police contacted the Japanese who found it and ask the person to bring the wallet to the address written in the ID card found in the wallet.

The amazing thing is in such a case if during a certain period the owner does not retrieve the wallet, the police would fine the founder. My question is: Why does the Japanese people have such a high level of awareness? It is because they always think of the time if they themselves lose their wallets. They are afraid that their condition would be worse than the person who is now losing the wallet. That is the reason the Japanese has a deep empathy toward those who are suffering and the empathy are practiced into daily actions.

The happenings I have been exposed to make me ponder and think deeply. How could the Japanese people who are of Shinto majority practice an Islamic culture? Their behavior practices the teaching of the Prophet: “Hablum minnallah” and “Hablum minannas”.

The fact is very inversely proportional to me or us who in fact live in a country where the majority of the people are Muslims. The behavior of the majority of the people here is far from the teachings of the Prophet, and in fact, it is very un-Islamic. In accordance with the discovery of a research institution, on the most Islamic countries, out of 280 countries researched, Indonesia places itself on the more or less 140th position. The Middle-East countries that are of Islamic majority, or even considered as the source of the Islam religion, position themselves on above the 90th.

The result of this research is accurate enough to my opinion. Let us now take one example as a comparison. When I went for the Hajj Pilgrimage or Umrah, I could feel that the majority of Arab society was unethical.

The immigration officers welcomed the “guests of Allah” with an ignorant attitude since the time they had arrived in the airport. They did not show manners. It took hours for us to be able to pass the immigration. We did not see any kindness that mirrored the gesture of the Prophet’s people. They even acted as they wished.

The immigration officers sometimes left their posts without any reason and at any time. It seemed that they did not care about the “guests of Allah” who were in long line and were very fatigue. As we were in Mecca, usually the Muthowif would give us advices and warnings. Some of the advices are the rules about riding taxis. Men should step in first into the taxis and the ladies follow. Stepping out, ladies first and then the men follow.

I asked why we should follow the rules. I was explained that there had been a number of times when taxis carrying females passengers and they had disappeared and were found nowhere. I was really shocked and was in disbelief. How could there be such a scary event in the House of Allah?

When I was doing the Tawaf Rites, I was at the outer circle because there were so many people doing the rites. I did really feel that people seemed to be competing to earn as many merits as possible. Many counselors from various countries guided their groups to pray with half-shouted voices. We might be able to imagine, how people prayed alternately but not in an orderly way.

I even could not step my feet on the ground as I was sandwiched between those whose physical bodies were larger than mine. What an experience! I encountered almost the same kind of experience when I performed the Sa’i worship, but I experienced the worst condition when performing the Jamarat rite. We might imagine the situation when all those who were doing the Hajj Pilgrimage went to a location at the same time in a large number. Every one wanted to finish doing the rite as early as possible that stones hit some people, and some of them were even trampled on the ground until died. No wonder than that the Mina incident had happened twice. The incident killed thousands of people which most of them were Indonesians.

Later on, when it was near the prayer times, people scrambled to find the front rows. To do that it was possible that they would step over the heads of those who had earlier been sitting in front. They wanted to get the most front spots in order to get more rewards, but they ignored those around them. Isn’t it far from the teaching of the Prophet who taught love and compassion?

At that time, there were a lot of worshippers because it happened that the Wukuf time (the 10th of the Dzulhijjah) was Friday. It was said that it was the Great Hajj. As a result, the number of the pilgrims was more than the usual.

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