The Duality of Ghaib (Supernatural/Unseen) – Real (Natural/Perceptible) Realm (1)

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My mind had been bothered by the reality that the realm of Ghaib (Supernatural or Unseen) – Real (Natural or Perceptible) duality does exist. How could I believe in something that I have never seen, known, experienced and felt?

If I put my faith on something that is unclear, uncertain, unrealistic, and is just based on an imagination, a fiction, an illustration, and a perception using only “rumor has it” premise, then what is the difference between my faith and the paranormal predictions? Would not it be that my belief identical with a mere gambling activity as it would come out as an ambiguous ‘yes’ and ‘no’?

Then, I finally realized and comprehended that life in this Universe is consisted of two substances. The first one is the material substance, which is real and lifeless, yet perceivable by the senses. The second is immaterial, supernatural, which is often called Ruh (Spirit), which is imperceptible to the senses, yet it is immortal. Life was created as a result of the unification of these two substances. Both substances are God’s creation as the Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe.

I had been worshiping God with a reference to the idea that God is Supernatural. Then, how do I believe in a Supernatural Being if this Supernatural Being is “unreal”? How can I remember Him, if the reality of God is supernatural, Ghaib or “unreal”, while al-Qur’an says that our prayer is called ‘khusyuk’ only when we are able remember Him during our prayer times?

I had been taught with so many theories or methods in terms of my belief, which I had put into all practices. For example, I had memorized the 99 Names of God, read Surahs or Holy Verses and also understood their essences well. I called the Name of Allah wherever I was and at anytime. I also practiced many commandments as required. Yet, all that I had done were unsuccessful in making me feeling more “khusyuk”.

So, in talking about the concept of Divinity, according to my understanding, we have to initially talk about the origin of this Universe. How was the Universe created in the first place? It is undeniable that the existence of today is nonetheless attached to the events that have happened before. If every moment is tracked backwardly, it will eventually reach the zero point¾a point where Allah originally created the Universe.

Why did God create the Universe? While looking for answers to this question that had always been bothering me, I found the most relevant answer that has a lot of common sense in one statement from Hadith Qudsy, “I was a hidden treasure, and I wanted to be known. Therefore I created a creation, so that they would know Me.”

The meaning of this Hadith Qudsy is really profound. Allah does not want to be recognized just because of His existence. By creating the creatures and other inhabitants within the Universe,

Allah has a desire to reveal His form as well, whose origin is invisible, to become real through all beings and objects of this vast Universe.

There is the evidence that my understanding is in accordance with the common sense and is very logical. I could take examples from this life within the Universe — be it the life of human beings, animals, or plants. I have explained earlier that the existence of life in this Universe is due solely to the unification of two substances.

The first substance is the material or the physical body, which is real. Let us take an example from the world of plants such as a tree trunk. This tree trunk is real and perceptible by the five human senses. So are with other physical forms; they are real and perceptible. Yet, all those physical materials have basically never been alive.

The second Substance is the immaterial, or the Spirit (Ruh), or Ghaib, or the Supernatural Substance, which is immortal. When the material substance is integrated with the Substance of Immateriality, only then life is created. It means that the Immaterial, or the Ruh, or Ghaib, or the Supernatural Substance, which is immortal, gives life to the material, or physical body, which is the real (natural) substance.

To proof this understanding is not complicated. Life will still be ongoing at the time the material or physical body is in touch with the Spirit (Ruh). Once the Spirit (Ruh) is absent from the physical body, the material thing, which actually has never been alive before, now becomes lifeless once again. All humans’ remains, animal carcasses or dead tree trunks look the same physically as if they are still alive. The only thing that makes the difference is that the Life (or the Spirit or the Ruh) has left those physical forms. Therefore, all those remains are now lifeless. On the contrary, the everlasting Ruh (Spirit), once it leaves the media it used to inhabit (be the media is a human, ananimal, a plant or any other physical forms), it will still be a Living Substance.

This kind of understanding explains why the true self that inhabits in a physical body or physical form is actually the Ruh that has a Ghaib or a Supernatural Characteristic. In order to be able to be real, the Ruh needs a media¾including the humans’ body¾to actualize itself. Therefore, if I ever want to focus and to genuinely worship Allah The Almighty Creator¾the Ultimate Supernatural Being¾, I must know my own self¾my very own Ruh. Through my true self (Ruh) I would be able to have a direct contact with The Almighty Creator. This understanding is in accordance with a statement from the Hadith Qudsy: “Man ‘Arrafa Nafsahu Faqod ‘Arrafa

Robbahu” (“Whoever knows himself, he really does know his God”). Also: “Wa man ‘arrafa robbahu faqod jahilan nafsahu” (“Whoever knows his God, he would really feel humbled before God.”)

It is not surprising then that a crystal physicist from Japan, Prof. Dr. Massaru Emoto, had found that there is a life in water and had discovered that the Zam-Zam Water contains many wonders. It turns out, there is the Spirit of God in the water, too. Because of this fact, he at last gave a short but profound sentence, “I have found God in the water”; (Link: dapat-dapat-mendengar/ and

Some Dutch scientists found out how to put a good nutrition for the cattle fodder through their dialogues with their livestock. A friend of mine had a similar experience. Many times rats disturbed him. He had tried many things to get rid of the rats from his house. He was unsuccessful that he was so desperate. Finally, he found a method. He talked to the rats and made dialogues. He used loving words. The result was incredible. It seemed that the rats understood what my friend intended to convey that they at last left my friend in peace. They never came to intrude anymore.

There are still a lot of other examples such as how people converse with floras, faunas as well as with other inhabitants of this Universe. My teacher told me about his experience of always talking to a jackfruit tree that grows in his yard. Although the tree was only of an average size, it has never failed yielding its fruits as years go by.

Through these stories we see how the phenomenon of people talking to the floras and faunas is not impossible. This fact is similar to what Al-Qur’an says about the prophet Dawud (David) and the prophet Suleiman (Solomon) who had the ability to converse with animals.

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