Reviewing The Law of The “Apostate” (2): The Differentiation Between Religion vs Spirituality

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On the contrary if the answer is “witnessing first”, so the next question is “When did he witness it?” If he has ever eye witnessed it, then he should be able to understand it. If he has understood it, then this person is through with himself and he does not need any other understanding to discuss any difference. The only thing that exists now is similarity.

With the explanations above, I would like to provide us with a reference about the difference between spirituality and religion that is wrapped up by Dr. Teilhard de Chardin.

Dr. Teilhard de Chardin was born in Orcines, May 1, 1881. He was passed away in New York, April 10, 1955. He was a theology, philosopher, and paleontologist from France. He was a Jesuit who developed an integrated vision about science and mysticism with his line of thinking: spirit, evolution and thought.

Religion Spirituality
Religion is not just one, but hundreds There is only one Spirituality
Religion is for those who are asleep Spirituality is for those who are already awake
Religion is for those who need somebody telling them what to do as they need to be guided Spirituality is for those who listen to the voice of their heart
Religion has a set of dogmatic rules Spirituality invites us to ponder everything and to question everything
Religion threatens and spreads fears Spirituality provides an inner peace
Religion speaks about sins and mistakes Spirituality says, “Learn from your mistakes”
Religion gives pressures to everything and to some cases they are wrong Spirituality surpasses all things, and brings you closer to your truth!
Religion talks about God; They are not God Spirituality is everything; therefore, it is within God Himself
Religion creates Spirituality finds
Religion does not tolerate any question Spirituality ponders everything
Religion is of mankind. It is an organization with patriarchal regulations Spirituality is God without any regulation from mankind
Religion is the causes of discordances Spirituality unites
Religion finds you to make you believe You have to find spirituality in order to believe
Religion follows teachings of the Holy Books Spirituality finds whatever holy in all books
Religion feeds one’s fears Spirituality make the most of beliefs and faith
Religion lives in the thought Spirituality lives in the Awareness
Religion has something to do with doings Spirituality has something to do with Self
Religion gives food to your ego Spirituality encourages you go beyond
Religion makes us leave the world to follow God Spirituality makes us live in God without us leaving ourselves
Religion is a sect Spirituality is a meditation
Religion fills us with a dream about the glory in the heaven Spirituality makes us live in the glory while possessing the heaven in here and at this very moment
Religion lives in past and in the future Spirituality lives in the present
Religion creates cloisters inside our memories Spirituality frees our Awareness
Religion makes us believe in the eternity Spirituality makes us aware of the eternity
Religion promises us a life after death Spirituality is finding God in within our inner-self while we live and after we die
We are not human beings who are experiencing spiritual encounters We are the spiritual beings who are encountering human beings’ experiences


After understanding the differences between spirituality and religion as mentioned above, I then have comprehended that spirituality/religion is the way and the holy books function as guidance. If spirituality/religion is reunited with the holy books, then the outcome is “A Guide to the Way”.

A guide to which way? The answer is that it is a guide to every human being to return to the Creator. Inna LIllahi wa inna ilaihi ra’jiun (“We belong to ALLAH and to Him we shall return)

As I have been learning Islam spiritually, now I obtain a new understanding that actually all religions are universal in nature. None is exclusive, as any thing that is exclusive does not mirror the characteristics of Allah. All exclusivities are a symbol of haughtiness, a feeling of being the most righteous and the most of the most. It shows that actually the person has not been through with himself.

Thus, the understanding that tied to the word “apostate” discussed earlier to me is not valid anymore. Basically all human beings in this Universe are the same. From the time Allah created the human beings in this Universe in era zero up to this day, they have not changed.

This is one of the answers that no human being, group, community, race, nation or religion that has been given a priority by Allah. All is treated equally as basically in this Universe there is a standard law: cause and effect, sowing and reaping, pull and being pulled and so on that create a perfection for the entire live in this Universe.

As I have already written, if human beings as the inhabitants of this Universe have already the highest level of awareness, they will surely know their real selves and why they are here in this Universe. Their awareness then will free them from the law of “duality” that exists in this Universe. They will not be trapped with the right or wrong issues. They will really, really realize that in this Universe there is not anything that is not He (Allah) because everything is Him (Allah).

Finally, I would always remind us that we as human beings should be aware that We (human beings) are basically ONE NATION, that is the “NATION OF MANKIND” and “ONE HOMELAND”, that is “THE HOMELAND OF EARTH” and ONE LANGUAGE, that is “THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE”.

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