Reviewing The Awakening of The Sleeping Giant (3): Not Even One Creature That Truly Knows The Truth

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I have discussed about how the spectacular breakthroughs made by China have given benefits to the world society of many groups and classes in my previous writing “Reviewing Tthe Awakening of The Sleeping Giant (2)”.

But then, I feel sad and cannot comprehend when some people comments that they do not care if China are more developed than we are here, as those China people would find hell in afterlife because they are all are the heathens.

Isn’t Ever Loving one of Allah’s natures? It means that Allah loves people of all kinds. So, is it possible that His Ever Loving nature is directed to just some of His beloved human beings who have faith in Him and are obedient to His command and stay away from His prohibitions, especially the adherents of Islam?

According to my opinion, such an understanding is more of a justification to cover up our own inability to compete in a healthy manner.

Let us think soberly. There are people who are given more intuition by the Universe that they are able to fabricate some beneficial products that are used by all mankind on this earth, including by those who think that they deserve to enter Heaven. So, in short, those manufacturers have contributed some things to those who think they deserve to enter Heaven. However, those meritous manufacturers finally have to go to hell because of their difference beliefs. Does it make sense?

Now, here are some more examples. Michael Faraday was a British who was the inventor of electricity. Thomas Alva Edison was an American who invented the light bulbs. Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was an Italian who was the inventor of telephone. Karl Benz was a Germany who was the creator of the cars that were fueled by gasoline. Cai Lun was a Chinese who invented paper.

The inventors of printing ink, printing machine, TV, AC, computers and smartphones, etcetera were generaly not Muslims. So, did they have to go to hell? Talking about the merits, they had actually earned a lot of merits as the products they made had been used by all of the inhabitants of this Universe since then and would still be used forever until the end of the world. Speaking about the “Amal Jariah”, then we would have difficulties in counting them. Hence, isn’t God/Allah The Most Just and The Most Wise?

Many people have the understanding that what is judged by human beings as good does not necessarily good in the eyes of Allah, but what is judged by God/Allah as good must surely be good in the eyes of human beings.

At a quick look, we might see that this understanding is correct, but when I gave it a deeper look, I found out that it was just a mere justification and could not be thought as correct. How? First, what is considered God’s justification is actually based on human beings’ interpretations, each with his own perception. To be exact, to my opinion, it is just based on the perceptions of those who have interpreted Al-Quran and Hadiths. If there is a thing that is considered “God’s justification”, yet it is actually based on one’s perception as I have explained above, then it should not be used as a reference of truth that the justification really comes directly from Allah.

As I said in my previous writings, in order to us to be able to comprehend a truth, we must experience it ourselves, then and only then, we can understand.

So according to my opinion, the statement that is stated by many people, “What is judged by human beings as good does not necessarily good in the eyes of Allah,” is not entirely correct. I prefer the statement that “the things that have been really seen and experienced by mankind, they must be considered right by Allah as well.” In this life, whether a thing or a person is right, it is only the thing itself or the person himself and Allah The Omniscient who know it. Other than this fact, not a single creature is able to know the deepest truth.

If we really take a deep observation, we would see that every happening in this Universe contains a profound lesson for every human being who longs to know his trueself. This human being then would understand Allah’s purpose of bringing him into this Universe.

Now, let us go back to the issue of why China keeps moving on, while on the contrary America tends to be stagnant. I have already stated that this Universe has a law of cause and effect, or sowing and reaping.

What is stated above is inseparable from the economic and political policies of the United States of America itself. America often imposes unfair political and economic policies to the developed countries since it thinks itself as a ruler. This is a negative energy for the countries that are being the victims. In the future then it will suffer from the consequences or reap what it has planted for itself. Such is not the only example experienced by America, but there are many other examples suffered by other nations or people as Allah is most unlikey wrong with His promises.

I myself have witnessed the example of this Universal law of cause and effect, or the law of sowing and reaping. It is about the fall of the Old Order Government led by President Soekarno which was related to the event of “G-30S PKI”. At that time the event was escalated by the domestic deterioting economic condition caused by the high inflation rate, massive student demonstrations, and the shooting of a student from the University of Indonesia, named Arif Rahman Hakim, who was considered as a scapegoat. President Soekarno then at that time became the common enemy of the Indonesian majority. Four generals then came to the Bogor Palace and asked him to sign a letter known as “Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret” or “Supersemar”. The text has become an endless polemic up until now. What had actually happened remains a mistery. The real truth was known only by the persons involved and God.

Because of the event, President Soekarno had to give up his position, lived in loneliness, and was very sick. He was never put on trial and finally passed away. Ironically, the history has not been able to prove whether he was guilty or not.

The similar event happened at the beginning of the downfall of the New Order Government led by President Soeharto. The happening was exactly the same as that of the Old Order Government led by Presiden Soekarno. It was all started with the economic deterioration. The high inflation rate coupled with the low exchange rate of the Rupiah against the US Dollar caused a huge devaluation toward foreign currencies. There were also massive students demonstrations, followed by the shootings of the students from Trisakti and Jaya Baya University.

The shootings caused the downfall of the President Soeharto administration. Now President Soeharto became the enemy of the Indonesian majority. His Ministerial Cabinet, under the leading of Mr. Akbar Tanjung, threatened to retreat if President Soeharto insisted on leading the country. So, President Soeharto was forced to give up his position. At the end of his life, he also felt lonely. Yet, the history again has not been able to prove if Presiden Soeharto was guilty or not. He was not put on trial either since he was ill.

As President Soeharto stepped down, automatically his Vice-President, Mr. B. J. Habibie, took over his position. Mr. Akbar Tandjung officiated him to be the President since Mr. Tandjung was the Chairman of The House of Representative. Ironically again, at nearly the end of President Habibie’s administration, Mr Akbar Tandjung, as the Chairman of the House of Reperesentative, rejected Mr. Habibie’s statement of accountability. It was Mr. Akbar Tandjung who was officiated Mr. Habibie, and it was also he who denied Mr. Habibie.

At that time, the general election was held to elect the president and the new members of the House of Representatives. Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) with Mdm. Megawati as the General Chairwoman won.

The electoral law at that time stated that the winning party had the right to nominate the presidency. So the PDI-P nominated Mdm. Megawati Soekarno Putri. However, many parties, mass organizations and the Islamic communities could not agree with it considering the majority of Indonesian population was Muslims. According to the Islamic teachings, women are not justified to lead a country. To balance the strength of the PDI-P, Mr. Amien Rais initiated the “Poros Tengah” (Central Axis). It was a coalition of Islamic Parties. The coalition finally agreed by acclamation that they chose Kyai Haji Abdurrahman Wahid (known as Gus Dur) as the presidential candidate. Through voting, then Gus Dur was indeed elected President rather than Mdm. Megawati who was from PDI-P party.

Gus Dur then was officiated as the 3rd President of Indonesia and Mdm. Megawati Soekarno Putri was the Vice-President. The Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly at that time was Mr. Amien Rais, so he was the one who inaugurated Gus Dur.

Gus Dur’s administration had more or less run for two years when Gus Dur was allegedly involved in ‘Bulog Gate’. The suspect was Mr. Sapuan as the Bulog official. President Gus Dur then was impeached. Mr. Amien Rais initiated the impeachment. President Gus Dur who was thought as involved in that Bulog Gate was then forced to step down from his position.

According to the Indonesian constitution, his Vice-President should substitute him. Based on it, then Mdm. Megawati Soekarno Putri was officiated by Mr. Amien Rais to become the 4th President of Indonesia, replacing Gus Dur’s administration that had been terminated halfway off.

To cancel the former argument used to stop Mdm. Megawati Soekarno Putri from becoming the 3rd President, Mr. Amien Rais and the other initiators of the argument had to find new statement that could be used as a reference. They finally found a verse saying that women should not be the leaders of Islamic organizational structures, but there is no problem for them to be the head of a state. To me as a convert, the situation made me uncomfortable as I thought that the Al-Quran verses could be compromised depending on the situations and the needs.  (To Be Continued)

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