Reviewing The Awakening Of The Sleeping Giant (2): The Positive Energy Of Sowing-Reaping In The Universe

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In the first part of my writing, “Reviewing The Awakening of The Sleeping Giant (1)”, I have penned how China as a nation and a country has been able to develop a great progress that was jaw dropping to the world. To continue with the story, I would like us reviewing the awakening of China in a deeper way.

Whenever we visit China, we would see banners or posters written with words of wisdoms and words of encouragements in every city. The society mindset is directed to focus on positive thoughts. TV channels and radio stations broadcast programs that are more of patriotic themes rather than those that provoke negative thoughts. To my opinion, this is also an action that fosters a fighting spirit for the people of China in general.

President Xi Jinping who is the present president of China might be the only leader in the world who wishes his citizens and society to learn and to practice wisdom concerning “The 24 ways of respecting parents and elderly”. This is how it goes:

  1. Please call your parents and the elderly from time to time and greet them warmly.
  2. Please always remember your parents’ birthdays and how old they are now.
  3. While in a trip, please kjndly send your parents some good news.
  4. Please listen patiently to the good advice given by your parents.
  5. Please understand what your parents have gone through and show your care for them.
  6. Please understand that the elderly has a habit of being thrift.
  7. Please try your best to come home to your parents’ house during the holidays or the festival days.
  8. Whenever you have spare time, please help your parents more by doing the domestics chores.
  9. Please encourage your parents to engage themselves in useful activities.
  10. Please honor your parents when they give you advice on family matters.
  11. Please honor your parents’ lifestyle of getting up and going to bed early, too.
  12. Please find a time to accompany your parents to have a walk in the garden.
  13. Please take it as a pride if your parents are healthy.
  14. Please pay more attention to your parents’ health.
  15. Please feel happy when your parents are telling you a nostalgic story.
  16. Please do not always complain of your parents’ cooking.
  17. Please do not show your anger by looking away.
  18. Please always compliment your parents on their positive traits.
  19. Please buy your parents gifts or things they love.
  20. Once a while you may let your parents know that you want to be spoiled.
  21. Please converse about positive and joyful things with your parents.
  22. Please take your parents for a sightseeing.
  23. Please always take care of your parents’ hygiene by helping them trimming their nails, washing their hairs, washing their hands and feet etc.
  24. If possible, please do not use your parents’ money for your own needs.



The President hoped that the 24 steps of honoring the parents would be well understood and would be carried on daily.

President Xi Jinping was also the only world leader who employed the classical Chinese proverbs when giving speech in the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. What he put forth were as follows:

  • “If one is befriending you because of your money, when the money is lost, then the friendship is also forgotten.”
  • “If one is befriending you because of the benefits, then when the benefits are not gained, then the friendship will also break.”
  • “If one is befriending you because of your strength, the relationship will collapse once you lose the strength.”
  • “If one is befriending you because of your power, once your power is lost, so is the friendship.”
  • “If one is befriending you because of his feeling, then the friendship will be broken when he feels hurt.”
  • “If one is befriending you with sincerity, then and only then, will the friendship last.”
  • “Be it in a partnership or in a social relationship, we must respect the compatibility and the friendship.”
  • “You must appreciate the time, and you must think and do good.”
  • “You must learn to be thankful while sincerely treating people.”
  • “You must build relationship with your heart.”
  • “You must make friends with wise people.”
  • “You must walk with people of good morality.”
  • “Be sure that you will obtain good karmas.”
  • “Be aware.”
  • “Make sure that your heart be filled with good intentions.”
  • “Rest assured that your life would have a cloud of good luck.”
  • “You must remember that you have to be a compassionate person who sincerely help those in need. You have to appreciate each other and be wise. You must not highlight any difference and keep yourself away from being egoistic, envious, jealous, and arrogant or from hurting people.”
  • “Humble yourself like water that always flows to a lower direction.”
  • “Life is not an everlasting eternity.”
  • “We are born with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing.”

God/Allah is Ever Just. God/Allah will facilitate and will grant whoever thinks about justice with his intuition and with whatever his wish is.

To my understanding, this is one of the secret keys that bring China a success as a nation and a country. There might be a question as to how I could get an understanding that China is a just country and nation.

I make the observation through the spiritual glasses. The People’s Republic of China might be the only nation in this world that has a philosophy of life that give a thought and is willing to bring forth prosperity and peace to the whole world. They prove it to the whole world in the form of slogans that are written clearly and firmly on placards in the heart of its capital, namely Beijing. The before mentioned placards are put on the walls of the Forbidden City (Tiananmen) that now becomes the central of governmental administration. A picture of legendary Chinese leader Mao Zedong is hung above the gate.

The slogan on the left placard is, more or less, translated as “Long Live the People’s Republic of China”, and the slogan on the right placard is roughly translated as “Long Live the Great Unity of the World’s Peoples”.

I can imagine that if the slogans are really the determination of the entire nation and the entire society of China, they would become a very positive energy that goes along with the law of this Universe as this Universe contains the element of cause and effect, or sowing and reaping. Then as a result, the nation and the society of China will surely be granted with some positive impact.

China has a very determined ambition to take the position as the world’s economy ruler. Isn’t it an egoistic nature? According to my opinion, as long as China keeps its ambition to bring benefits to the whole world, then it is acceptable. The teachings of Islam also prioritize a peaceful and prosperous living for all people as well as a life that is benefiting to each other, doesn’t it?

To be able to become the world’s economy leader, one of the requirements is that China must be able to compete with the former rulers. China should be able to compete in the areas of pricing, qualities, delivery promptness (and so on) of its goods that are in the market places. Meanwhile, to be able to win over the competition in the global world, China must be able to successfully prosper its own domestic community at the first place so that the stability in the area of state security is guaranteed. In this way, people would unite themselves to advance their country, and at the end they would help the country to win the global competition.

Today, China has proved it. We have witnessed how rapid the China has progressed itself in many areas. Most of the world’s population has developed dependence towards the China-made products. This is what I meant by the opinion that China has contributed a lot to the world’s welfare.

Currently people could easily own many goods that formerly were regarded as luxurious things and were only accessible only to the middle-up classes from all classes, from the lower to the upper ones. It is really a spectacular breakthrough. IT and the electronics products are just two examples of the things that are now being used by and are enjoyable to all classes of people.

If we count the merit that should be granted to them, we might not be able to point how many merits they have already earned. (To Be Continued)

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