Mr. Tonny Djayalaksana’s Profile – The Nowadays Convert

Tonny Djayalaksana is a businessman.  At this present, Tonny is developing a Golf Course in Manyaran Hills – Semarang. Prior to this, he launched a prepaid card “Kartu Merah Putih” as the provider.

Tonny is now 69 years old, was born in Bandung and has become a convert since 39 years ago. As long as 39 years too, Tonny has been a devout and obedient believer.

Tonny did not finish his Junior High School education and this caused Tonny to walk faithfully according to the choice of his belief and its commandment.

That was how he walked his path of life. However, without knowing why, Tonny sensed that he was being given “the Divine Sparks” in June 2018

Tonny felt that what he had been searching for so far through many questions that came up from his restless being now were being answered by themselves with the helps of the Divine Sparks.

Tonny himself has never felt that he was born to be a writer. It had never occurred to him to think about it.  Moreover, it was not his romantic wish as a little boy. He did not even have a passion to write. However, since the time those Divine Sparks have thrilled him, Tonny feels that he is being called by the Universe to pour out all the answers he has gotten so far, although he had buried it before in his mind and his inner self as well.

How awesome! In just less than two weeks, Tonny Djayalaksana is able to write and has in reality penned up a book titled “AKU BERSAKSI ALLAH MAHA NYATA”, or “I Am Witnessing That Allah Is Ever Real”.

After that happening, Tonny even felt that he had gotten a call to do a JIHAD, striving according to the Sunnah of the Rusul by doing Da’wah without using violence.

Tonny is aware that in doing this JIHAD, he will really need to make some sacrifices and at the same time a courage to move against all odds. Jihad is a commitment or a contract with The Creator. The contract cannot be terminated by just one party only as it is in effect for good.

We do hope that Tonny, the Nowadays Convert, will be able to carry on his Jihad. To this intention, we pray that Tonny would gain strength and is able to finish his Jihad well according with the belief and the commandment that he carries. Amen.