Finding The House of God (2): Visiting The House Of Allah That Is Very Close To Us

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As Muslims, it is mandatory for us to do the Hajj Pilgrimage Worship, as of one of the five pillars of Islam, if we are able. The Hajj Pilgrimage is the 5th of the Pillars.  We are said as being able to go to the Pilgrimage whenever we are in a good health and are in a good financial condition. That understanding has been fostered in the recitation sessions. It is so often stated that it has become an anchor in my mind. Alhamdullilah, Praise be to God, I was able to do the Hajj Pilgrimage Worship in 1982, if I am not mistaken.

After learning from my Teacher (Murshid), I found out that according to the verses of Al-Quran, it is not only the Muslims who are obliged to visit Bait Ullah Kaaba (The House of God).  Allah obligates all mankind to visit Bait Ullah as stated in QS Ali-Imran 97, (the Indonesian translation is taken from the translation by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion):

“MENGERJAKAN HAJI ADALAH KEWAJIBAN MANUSIA TERHADAP ALLAH, YAITU (BAGI) ORANG YANG SANGGUP MENGADAKAN PERJALANAN KE BAITULLAH, BARANG SIAPA MENGINGKARI (KEWAJIBAN HAJI), MAKA SESUNGGUHNYA ALLAH MAHA KAYA (TIDAK MEMERLUKAN SESUATU) DARI SEMESTA ALAM.” [Doing the Hajj is a duty of the mankind to Allah, that is for those that are able to make a journey to Bait Ullah; whosoever denies (the obligation to do the Hajj), then let him know that Allah is The Most Wealthy (He does not need anything) from the Universe).]

Below is the Indonesian translation given by my Teacher, “DI DALAMNYA TERDAPAT TANDA-TANDA YANG JELAS YAITU TINGKATAN IBRAHIM DAN BARANG SIAPA MASUK KE DALAMNYA MAKA AMANLAH, DAN ALLAH MENYURUH MANUSIA BERKUNJUNG KE RUMAH ITU BAGI YANG TAHU JALANNYA, BARANG SIAPA YANG TERTUTUP, SESUNGGUHNYA ALLAH MAHA KAYA BAGI SEMESTA ALAM.” [Within is clear signs which is Abraham’s stage and whosoever enters, he is safe; and Allah commands mankind to visit the House provided that he knows the way; for those who are closed, truly Allah is the Richest for the Universe.]

So, if Allah commanded the whole mankind on this earth to go for a mandatory Hajj Pilgrimage to Bait Ullah Kaaba, I had a question in my mind, “Where is the Bait Ullah Kaaba that Allah means? If it is the Bait Ullah Kaaba that is in Mecca City, the one that is meant for only the Muslims, then how about the Non-Muslims?”

It turns out that there is an explanation written in Al-Quran Surah Ali-Imran,  Allah says: 96, (the Indonesian translation is taken from the translation by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion):

“SESUNGGUHNYA MULA-MULA RUMAH YANG DIBANGUN UNTUK (TEMPAT IBADAH) MANUSIA IALAH BAITULLAH DI BAKKAH (MEKAH) YANG DIBERKAHI DAN MENJADI PETUNJUK SEMUA UMAT MANUSIA.” [Truly the first sanctuary built for the mankind was Bait Ullah in Bakkah (Mecca), a blessed place that guides all the mankind.”]

Meanwhile, this is a translation from my Teacher, ”SESUNGGUHNYA AWAL RUMAH YANG DIBANGUN UNTUK MANUSIA ADALAH TEMPAT TERSEMBUNYI YANG DIBERKAHI DAN MENJADI PETUNJUK BAGI SEMESTA ALAM.”  [Truly the first sanctuary that was built for mankind was a hidden place, blessed and becoming guidance to the Universe.]

Now, the problem is almost all of the interpretations of Al-Quran says that Bakkah is the same as Mecca. Hence, the contradiction or incoherence arises. On the one hand, Allah requires all mankind to visit the House of God. Yet, on the other hand, surely the Non-Muslims are not able to visit it since it is located in Mecca like what is interpreted by some of the Al-Quran interpreters. However, the actual meaning of Bakkah is a Blessed Hidden Place, not Mecca. So, imagine that just a little different translation of one word only could bring a fatal consequence.

I need to explain, too, that what is meant by “Bait Ullah” which is in Mecca is “Kaaba”. Allah built “Kaaba” through the hands of human beings and other entities as the extension of His Hands in this Universe. Just like I have written in my other writings, I explained that Allah created all Real Material in this Universe by involving human beings and some other entities in this Universe. It is different from the “Immaterial” like “Bakkah” that has “Unreal” nature. This was created directly by the Hands of Allah Himself, just like “My Ruh” that was breathed into the physical bodies of human beings.

After knowing the true meaning, we would see that the verses that we thought were weird before, now becomes connected and coherence. This explanation is just like what I have written in my book titled “AKU BERSAKSI ALLAH MAHA NYATA” (I Am Witnessing That Allah Is Ever Real) with references to several following verses from the Al-Quran and Hadiths:

Al-Quran: “And when My servants question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh.“ (Al-Baqarah 2:186) – Link:; “We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.” (Al-Qaaf 50:16) – Link:ق; “We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things?” (Fushilat 41:53) – Link:;“How! Are they still in doubt about the meeting with their Lord? Lo! Is not He surrounding all things?”(Fushilat 41:54) – Link:; “He is with you wheresoever ye may be.” (Al Hadid 57:4) – Link:; “here hath come unto you a messenger, (one) of yourselves” (At-Taubah 9:128) – Link:; “And (also) in yourselves. Can ye then not see?” – (Adz Dzaariyaat 51:21) – Link: (; “Know that Allah cometh in between the man and his own heart.”  (Al Anfaal 8:24); Link:الأنفال-the-spoils-of-war-terjemah-bahasa-inggris; “Surely We created man of the best stature” (At-Tiin 95:4) – Link:التين-the-fig-terjemah-bahasa-inggris/.

Hadith Qudsy and Hadith  Rasulullah: “Man arofa nafsahu faqod arofa robbahu” (Whosever knows himself, he really does know his God); “Wa man arofa robbahu faqod jahilan nafsahu”(Whosoever knows his God, he will feel unwise); “Man tolabal maulana biqoeri nafsi faqoddoladolalanbaida” (Whosoever searching for His God, from outside of himself will go further astray); “Iqrokitabbaqokafabinafsika al yaomaalaikahasbi” (Read the eternal book that is within you yourselves); “Allahubathinulinsan al insanudhohirullah” (Allah is the human beings’ inner-self (ghoib), human beings are Allah’s dhohir (reality); “Al insanusiriwaanasiruhu” (Your secrets are My secrets); “LaayarifaallahuGhoirullah” (The One who knows Allah is Allah Himself); “Arofturobbi bi robbi (I know God by means of God Himself); “Maaarofnakahaqqoma’rifataka” (I do not know You except for the knowledge that You have commanded).

So, according to the above-mentioned explanations from the verses of Al-Quran and Hadiths, it is very clear that the real House of Allah (Bait UllahKaaba) is within every human being’s qalb (qolbu). An American neuroscientist’s founding supports these explanations and it says that in the body of every human being there is a so-called “God Spot” that is located in the head. Here is the link:–saraf-yang-mendorong-manusia-menemukan-tuhannya.html.

It is clear then why Allah requests every human being to visit the House of Allah (Bait UllahKaaba), as the House of Allah is very close. There is no more reason for human beings for not being able to visit His House provided that they know the way. Now, how about those who do not know the way? The answer is that they just need to have the willingness and the determination.

Allah has said in Al-Quran, SurahAl-Ankabut, verse 5, “Whoso looketh forward to the meeting with Allah (let him know that) Allah’s reckoning is surely nigh, and He is the Hearer, the Knower.” Link:العنكبوت-the-spider-terjemah-bahasa-inggris/ (To Be Continued).

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