Finding The House Of God (1): Going For A Sight Seeing Trip Is An Act of Worship

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W hat is the difference between going to a Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca and going for a sightseeing trip to some destination, be it within the country or abroad?

The beauties of this Universe are so real. I feel this is more real after coming back from long holidays with my family at the end of the year.

What is actually the essence and the meaning of having a holiday and going for a trip to various kinds of destination in within the country or to the overseas? I wish every human being is AWARE that actually going for a sightseeing trip wherever it is, the reason should be just one: “Enjoying the beauty of the Universe that has been created by God/Allah Himself, or through the hands of human beings whom He used as the extensions of His own hands so that all creatures in this Universe are able to know Him.”

As Allah’s servants, we (the human beings) should actually be overwhelmed in being grateful. Allah has given us a lot of great enjoyments in various kinds of forms, types and tastes. In fact, His gifts are uncountable that we should not stop giving thanks for His giving us the enjoyments and blessings. Isn’t that giving a continuous thankfulness over the enjoyments given by Allah an act of worship as well?

To my understanding, knowing and also enjoying the beauties of Allah’s works are considered the essence and the meaning of Heaven.

Life should consist of “duality”; “positive-negative”. When positive and negative are united, then and only then, they will be alive. If not, then there is not a thing we call life. The law of “duality” is a perfection that Allah creates in within the life itself.

Allah uses electricity as an analogy to the life in this Universe so that we as human beings are able to learn about life clearly, and in reality. When positive and negative are not united, then the electricity is off. With this example, Allah has shown the lesson of life in this Universe so that we (human beings) understand.

All lives in this Universe follow the law of “duality”. That is why all lives in this Universe are not eternal. It is only Allah who possesses the eternity and immortality as the Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe. He is the monolith and at the same time he is the possessor of the “duality”. The eternity exists because of the monolith. So, then there was only the positive.

Because in fact Allah is the only monolith, therefore He had the intention “TO BE RECOGNIZED”. To be recognized, He had to create the space and the time, and also the creatures. All those creatures should not be eternal, therefore Allah created the Universe and all that were in: the physical things and the creatures that follow the law of “duality” since nothing that follows the law of “duality” is eternal.

If we refer to the reasons Allah created the Universe so that His existence is recognized, then I have the opinion that the eternal life is actually here at this present. In this universe, that fact is undeniable, especially when we think of the Universe that is already billions years of age. If we observe the Galaxy map that has been released by NASA, our earth that has become our habitation is seen as a dot and not clearly visualized in that map. It means that the earth is very tiny. So, if there would be a doomsday that destroys the earth and every thing in it is true, Allah has prepared billions or trillions of stars to replace it. Therefore, it is unimaginable when this Universe will end.

According to Al-Quran in Surah Al-Hadid, verse 3, Allah says, “He is the First and the Last, …” (Link: This may be understood that THERES NO BEGINNING, THERE IS NO END as well. This is just like what the Prophet Ibrahim taught about the Tawaf Rite when we are doing the Hajj and Umrah Worship. We start from al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad and end at al-Hajaru al-Aswad, too. Al-Hajaru al-Aswad is thought as a mother’s womb. So, the human beings’ life in this Universe is thought as a cycle.

Our birth in this Universe was started when we were born from a mother’s womb. The process keeps going like that, as it is said in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 28: “How disbelieve ye in Allah when ye were dead and He gave life to you! Then He will give you death, then life again, and then unto Him ye will return. “ (Link: ttps://البقرة-the-cow-terjemah-bahasa-inggris/

The question is: How long will it last? The answer is: For as long as the eternity. Just like the essence of the verse, which is THERES NO BEGINNING, THERE IS NO END. Unless we have surpassed the law of “duality” and become the “monolith”, so we that actually   “Truly all belongs to Allah and we will return to Allah”, or “INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJI’UN.”

By having family trips and enjoying various beauties in within the country or in overseas, we will be able to savor awesome sceneries, incredible buildings and historical sites of many kingdoms. It is really wonderful, and spectacular. Allah is really the Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe who is The Most Omniscient. Allah has proved His existence and He has done it with some adaption according to the given eras.

Before getting the ma’rifah, I was just like most of the Muslims who still hope to obtain Heaven after passing away “later on”, whereas Heaven is very real. We are living in Heaven right now, on this earth. We are so busy with our daily chores that we neglect to enjoy the beauties and the grandeurs of the Universe and all that is in it and are not aware of them. This so since our mindset has been imprinted with the teaching that Heaven will be “there later on” after we are passing away, and we will stay there “later on” when we have been calculated as having more rewards than having sins “later on”.

Whenever I am given the opportunities to go for the sightseeing trips to abroad, I observe that those Indonesian or foreign tourists look cheerful, happy and serene. Then, I think to myself that how happy they are if only those tourists understand the essence and the meaning of this life. Surely they would be more able to appreciate, to ponder and to enjoy the works of Allah, The All Mighty Creator. Therefore, the purpose of going for a sightseeing trip is to enjoy the great works that were created directly by He or through human beings’ hands as He wished. To my opinion, isn’t the essence of it just like doing an act of worship?

Allah created this Universe solely with the intention of making His creation recognize Him. It has been proved from years to years and eras to eras. This Universe keeps experiencing significance changes. Allah keeps creating, nurturing, destroying and deconstructing. The occurrence keeps running like a repeating cycle with works that also keep changing and alternating.

This is a prove that Allah functions this Universe as a venue to work, but He adapt it according to the human beings’ mind, to which He has given a little spark of His Unlimited Intelligence of the Universe. He has granted His Unlimited Intelligence to billions of human beings so that they who are in this Universe are able to synergize, to spread love, and to help each other in actualizing Allah’s works. In this way, His existence is really recognized and enjoyed by His creatures. (To Be Continued).

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